Here is a very incomplete list of some of the trips the Eldon have been up to recently.

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Rowter - 20/03/2014

Written by RobEavis.

Jim Lister approached me with a very reasonable proposition. A few years ago some Eldon members found some cave in Spain which lead to a sump. Jim has planned to dive this sump, but the Eldon didn’t survey the section which ended in the sump. Therefore before Jim can dive he first has to get the sump added to the survey. His proposition is he’ll survey it, as long as he can use the Eldon DistoX and PDA (and get a lesson in using it). This trip is the lesson….

Whilst bouncing a few potential survey trip ideas around, the Buttered Badgers broke through in their dig at the bottom of Rowter. Mark Richardson needed this surveying and adding to the Peak-Speedwell Master file, so it seemed a perfect match. Also it meant me n Jim can go have a nose around their new stuff

Mark, Tim Allen and Mark Wright headed on down to start digging, whilst me n Jim headed to the Abyss to do the worst job of any DistoX user, calibration! Jim smashed out a delta 0.43 (a “very good” for all you non-geeks) allowing us to start putting a line down their dig. 13m of vertical shaft down (!) lead through into their new rift and streamway. This is awesome stuff, a beautiful natural streamway meandering down to the ESE, slowly arcing away from the Abyss boulder ruckle. It has elements similar to the Titan Streamway, albeit about 5 times smaller! We passed the diggers, who’d given up moving rocks about and now needed a pint to scratch their heads over. Me n Jim carried on down to the end, had a quick poke around the final boulder choke, then headed out.

On the way out we swapped instruments and put a line back from the dig to the entrance shaft, allowing us to tie it all in with the original data. So now Rowter is 100.36m deep, and I’m sure it won’t be long before its even deeper!


Titan Streamway Survey Trip - 01/06/2013

Written by RobEavis.

Myself and Henry Rockliff headed down Titan for a short saturday trip, after his Western Highway trip was cancelled as it was just the two of us.

On the way we went up Horne's Gully for a look around. One the way back down one of the dubiously gooey karabinas snapped whilst i was abseiling and i freefell for 4-5m before the traverse line kicked in and slowed my impact with the floor. No harm done and a good leason to be learnt regarding old gear. This had presumably been in there since the original discovery, so 13 years old, and was a steel krab on an alu hanger.

We then headed up to survey in right hand inlet of the Titan Streamway which leads up to Rachel's Belly, as this had never been surveyed before. Totalled 98m of survey to add to the Peak Speedwell system. Whilst up there we pushed a lead at the top, hilticapping through into a small, draughting inlet chamber, but no way on.

By the time we had derigged it was a 7 hour trip, would have been easier to go to Western Highway!


Western Highway - 29/03/2013

Written by RobEavis.

Western Highway is officially a SUSS dig, but it is setup as a brilliant open source digging project. Every month of so SUSS organise a trip, in and out of Titan, and people can go work the dig as they want.

Over it's +15 year history it has in total probably received >1000 man hours of attention, making it a strong contender for the most remote digging location to have been worked so hard!

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