Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Sam Townsend (EPC), Jase Rider (EPC), Jules Barrett (EPC)

Me and Sam arrived at the Oxlow parking to meet Jase and Nige. Packed the bags for Oxlow and set off for the entrance at 7:30 pm. Rigged Oxlow as we went and prussiked up the pull-down thing into Pilgrims Way. Easy hands and knees crawling for a fair way to Mecca Aven and then turned left towards the Chamber of Horrors. A short section of low crawling passage needed a bit of excavating but after that it's low but not particularly tight for a while. I was wearing a 5mm wetsuit so overheating at this stage. Eventually got to the first duck so hoods went on and helmets off. Sam went through first; me and Jase are sure it was sumped but Sam reckons he didn't hold his breath so not sure about that. Going through on your back with helmet between your knees seemed to work. After the first duck there's another one (felt easier) that leads to a short section of passage and soon into Poached Egg passage in Giants. Water levels about average for the time of year. Out for 10:00 pm so off to the pub. Good evening trip! Thanks to Nige for helping with rigging/de-rigging.

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