Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC) and Jim Lister (EPC& TSG)

The original plan was to transport some wire mesh and a mattock into Buxton Water Aven and to do some bolting that would allow us to safely get dive kit out of the way of any boulders that might fall from above. The original plan soon became the 'ex-plan' when I realised that I hadn't brought a hand driver that a 8mm Spit could be screwed directly onto. After several cups of tea in the chapel we entered the cave around 1:00 p.m. and made our way to the downstream end of Buxton Water Sump. I dived the mattock through whilst Jim wrestled with several square metres of industrial-strength chicken wire. Eventually we met in Buxton Water Aven and started digging some footholds up the slope to a ledge out of the way of any falling rocks. A detailed plan was hatched regarding how the industrial-strength chicken wire was going to be used to keep the sump exit open and we dived out in very poor visibility. Back to the chapel for lots more tea.  

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