Pemberton's x2

With a couple of hours to kill before the May meet (Bulls head, Monyash) we decided to have a quick look down Water Icicle as neither of us had been in yonks... well since the previous breakthrough in 2008 - a lovely evening for It too.

Quick bob down the shaft, we headed up North passage first by accident. Looks like there's been some recent activity up this way as the aven towards the end was scaffed up, pretty impressive actually. Surely this passage has to "GO" same as other two right? Next up - Northwest passage to the dog guard at the end. Finally and the purpose of the trip, South passage. Through the relatively short dig into passage of impressive proportions! A quick gander up an aven on the left which craps out, then to the end where we found a couple of the diggers tidying things up. Sam Waited at the end whilst I had a quick gander down to the left which I've forgot the name of... (spending too much time with Toogood) It basically winds on for 60m or so to a flat out dig but does draught albeit slightly.

Back up the rope and out in a couple of hour ready for a pint or two.



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