Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC) and Chris Schofield (EPC)

We fancied a decent vertical trip and I'd only been to Rowter Hole once years ago so suggested going back there to have a proper look round. Was Chris' first time in the cave so we went for that. I could vaguely remember where the entrance was so after paying the £2 trespass fee we walked towards the entrance. Not straight towards the entrance though as we were in the wrong field. Realised that I'd got it wrong and then walked more directly towards the entrance. Rigged the shaft and descended. At the bottom we dropped down the second pitch to where the water sinks in gravel and came back out then went up the ~10m handline climb into the upper levels. Nice bit of cave right on the mineral vein and had a good poke about up there. Some nice ginging, antique rope and found a wierd bit where there's seemingly a draught but no hole where it could come from. Back down the handline and then out the shaft to the surface. All very enjoyable and the prussik up the shaft was a good bit of exercise.

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