Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Simon Hodgson (potential new member), other non-EPC novices

I was running a novice trip anyway on this Saturday and since Simon was new to caving and wanted a novice trip I invited him along. We met at the Woodbine cafe in Hope and had a look at the weather forecast and a chat about water levels. Water levels had dropped from very high levels the week before but heavy showers were forecast for later in the afternoon. With that in mind we decided that the Giants entrance series would be a good choice. This would allow us to monitor water levels in the cave and exit would always be possible if necessary. After getting kitted up at the Giants car park we headed to the cave to find the stream with a good amount of water for the season. We headed in looking at various cave features on the way and soon were down at Garlands Pot. I lowered the team down Garlands and we went for a brief look down the Crabwalk. We turned around at Chert Hall and Simon and the rest of the team came back up Garlands Pot on a ladder. From there we headed back up to Base Camp Chamber and Simon and I went up the upper stream passage to visit the downstream end of Sump 1. After climbing into the roof we traversed in the roof of the upper stream passage to the P-bolts at the end where I lowered Simon back down to Base Camp Chamber. On the way out we made the short detour to visit the upstream end of Sump 1 before exiting.

A good trip. Simon got his trip underground and it was good to see him moving well through the cave. I hope that he will continue his association with the Eldon.

Simon Hodgson on the ladder at Garlands Pot.

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