February 8th found us out to see the new area in Bagshawe Cavern. I know that Bagshawe has many levels to explore but this was to look at the new area that is being dug. This evenings crew were  Katie, Brendan, Edvin, Bernie, John, Hal and Victoria.

We explored up a short pitch on a ladder which did not go very far. There was one short pitch which led us into some short crawls and into some rifts where digging was going on. I learned the lesson on the way out to check my gear to make sure it was my actual gear. I picked up someone’s ( who is much taller than me) hand jammer. Even on a short pitch that made it interesting. Luckily no one was injured as I chucked it back to the rightful owner.

We all decided to head down to the Dungeon to wash our suits and gear. It was quite muddy but great fun as usual!

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