Giants Oxlow

If you leave any lead unturned, expect the Eldon to turn it for you....

On 10th July 2014 two Eldon members passed a tight squeeze at the end of the Main Stream inlet Series of New Oxlow to gain ~100m of new passage heading downstream towards Peak.

Exploration continued in style over the following few months, with the discovery of the large Nights Templar plus a "Crabwalk-esq" passage named Poisoned Chalice. With a project total of over 320m the new finds are now further east than Giants, heading straight into blank space!

Full details, including the constantly incomplete survey, were released at Hidden Earth 2014 at the Peak District Roundup, and a report was published in Descent, issue 240. The most recent survey can be downloaded HERE.

As part of the Crusader discoveries, significant errors were highlighted in the survex data for the Giants-Oxlow-Maskhill system. The only way to identify the location of the errors was a complete resurvey of the whole system, a task that started in 2014. The main line is now nearly complete and the rest is still underway. Some of those trips have also been documented below, including the subsequent finds from pushing hard in far away places...



Dave Harley, Rob Eavis and Alastair Gott (TSG)

Evening trip in to resurvey St Valentines, following a UKCaving post a while back to see how close it was to Corkscrew Aven. Once done we went up Geology Aven, to rig a rope up the last pitch, and to checkout the dig face and associated draughts. An entertaining smoke bomb in an enclosed space encouraged a quick retreat, although epic fail as we still missed the pub. 

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