Report by Jon Pemberton

Cavers: Jon Pemberton (EPC), Sam 'Dervish' Pemberton (EPC), Andy Chapman(SUSS).

Dropped down the oil drum shaft and headed down the squeeze into the top of the streamway. Andy Rigged Deep space (Haha, we bought rope protectors just for this!) following what I believe is Dan’s Old rope, Its pretty easy going just repeating that rig exactly. Backed up, a y-hang drops you onto a ledge (rope protector 1). Followed by another y-hang over the ledge (rope protector 2) for 4m to a short deviation (straddle the sides, its not so bad.) This drops you to the bottom with one more rub point. Deep space is very impressive, amazing waterfall pitch!

At the bottom we followed the stream down the first cascade and climbed up a tight rift to a squeeze at floor level. Andy, “Don’t push too hard Sam! Did you have to control your breathing?” What a joker. The rift continues up left leads to a space with stacking straight on leads to the bottom of ‘Elbon’s Kram’ a strenuous climb/wedge in upwards leads to a squeeze on the right which is pretty damn awkward. I got through the squeeze and had a good look. Now there should be one more squeeze beyond that eventually leads to ‘happy breakthrough’ the continuation of the horrible little streamway and the bottom of the collapsed timbered shaft entrance. Supposedly ‘Elbon’s Kram’ was blocked, now the way on looked like a few rocks had fallen in but it could be pushed with ease. It’d be interesting to see how far up the timbered shaft entrance you could get before you meet the collapse.

We went for a quick look up Bag of worms and the continuation of the choke before deciding we’d need more time for a better look, so out we went.

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