Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Richard Tooley (TSG), Ann Soulsby (TSG), Clive Westlake

Titan had been rigged earlier in the day by the TSG so we enjoyed a straightforward and speedy descent to the bottom. Once at the bottom RT found that he was unable to undo his central maillon so didn't go any futher. AS was keen to scoot back up the rope so did that. JB dropped down into AE passage in search of Clive Westlake, finding CDW propping up the wall waiting for someone to turn up. Clive was actually expecting us to turn up from Peak Cavern so was understandably surprised when I fell out of the bottom of the Titan choke and into AE passage. An efficient exit was followed by a pleasant walk down Cave Dale to the TSG hut. We didn't de-rig Titan as there was the possibility that the TSG lot may need to exit back this way if the Speedwell Streamway was giving it both barrels. In the end they didn't so we had to return the following day for the ropes.

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