Bob Toogood and I

Quick Jaunt down Giants to test Bob's shoulder having not caved since November and the 15hr trip to the far reaches of Torca La Vaca! Met at Wardlow for some chow and headed over to Giants when it started to snow - Nice!

Fairly straight forward trip with no incident bar Bob up to his usual tricks of getting absolutely soaked beyond the need (dropped his gloves in the stream before even entering the cave!) SRT on GarlandsĀ  and Bob even took me to somewhere I'd never been before and we stuck high in the crabwalk rather than dropping down which I can highly recommend to anyone to avoid the same ol' trip again. Climbed around out of Garlands rather than back up the rope which was quite fun but not quicker.

Surfaced at midday so a couple of hour trip. Stopped for a brew in Hope after to warm up.

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