Andy Grotbags Chapman, Miriam, Avelina, Sandy & I

We met in Inglesport at 10am for breakfast and soon departed full crew and parked on the lane at the base of Marble Steps. It still seemed a pleasant day up top and the walk over to the Shakehole was quite nice for a change overheating a tad en route. Andy rigged the first few pitches an we descended with ease skipped along the Upper and Lower main streamways to the junction of Duke Street. Andy went for a quick fettle whilst we regrouped and carried on towards the sump.

Mim and I dumped out SRT kits at the entrance to Skylight passage and after a 10min crawl emerged at a climb down into a nice bollock deep stream passage which soon led to the continuation of the large stream passage beyond the sump also known as Duke Street II which is even more impressive. From the base of the climb up to Jupiter Cavern Mim and I started to head back out whilst the others popped up into said cavern - reported to be "Yeahhh, it's alright" and hearing of Andytours - losing the way following a fixed rope!?

Surfaced into darkness and rain having been under 6hrs or so. Pleasant trip which could not be said for the weather above. Sideways rain, fog giving you a super chill!

Stopped at Bull Pot Farm.

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