Report by Barny
Cavers: Martin Barnicott, Bob Toogood

After the previous days pleasant trip (Juniper), where I came out cleaner than I went in, reckon Bob wanted to remind me why everyone in Derbyshire is stained permanently mud.

A fine entrance drop down to the “Flats”, must have lost the route on the way down as I never found the narrows. After a couple of memory failures that meant we had one rope too few we found the pitch leading down to the “Freeze Squeeze”.

This more than made up for missing the narrows! After a couple of rather half hearted attempts at breaking my back we/I gave up and returned to the surface..

A tour round the streams and rivers of Derbyshire to find a good washing spot led us back to Oughtbridge where we spent longer washing the gear than we had done caving. Still a good trip and something to come back to when I feel a bit more committed.

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