Intake dale mine 

Dylan Kocher, John Pemberton, Sam Pemberton, Luke Caffrey


Intake dale mine is something I have only seen from the surface. It's quite a sight and has one of the best lids for any cave/mine in the region. Masterfully fabricated by Portobello Engineering it could be mistaken for a door ripped off the end of a tank. Behind its heavy doors lies a 70m engine shaft where all regions of the mine can be accessed John's mission is to cap a boulder above hobgoblins' way and possibly push a connection up into Brexit rift connected the midlevel mine to the natural bellow. With all other members of our crew feeling the effects of winter in full swing opted to take a weekend away from the usual projects and have some fun showing Intake Dale to the rest of us whom have never had the pleasure. A proposed exchange trip(the first in intake dale) with Rob and John dropping the Engine shaft whiles Luke Sam and myself enter through the higher opencut entrance. Luke leading the pleasant journey down the two pitches both needing care to be taken as Intake is somewhat fragile to put it delicately. Once off the rope we reach a junction at a drafty vein. The way down leads to mineworking’s with a much worthwhile chamber past Brexit rift. This is our first stop. Free climbing down we reach the scaffold choke dubbed Brexit rift. The route on is completely hidden blending in with the boulders and odd scaffold. A tight crawl where a haste is rewarded with threaded steel smashed in your shoulder. On the other side a small natural chamber that slopes to the lower level. Once we are though we all pause to listen for John and Rob. Luke and Sam start to hear movement resembling high heels on the cobbles Jon and rob must be getting adventurous beneath us.

Cut to John and Rob. They removed the boulder easily and got through into a small, natural boulder choke but all ways on are closed. It doesn't lok goes and without hearing the others they decide to take some photos and head up.

Once finshed the tour of the Eastern Intake mine the fun scramble up to Blackjack Choke ensues. Series of free climbs from the top of the entrance of Brexit rift lands you into a small chamber with a scaffolded hole. Completely stable bomb-proofed route through the boulder choke. This is all a lie don’t touch anything! The consensus portrayed by the team, however in reality its not the best nor the worst so exercise caution. Continuing forward reaching the engine shaft Rob and Jon succeed in a tight passing at the exchange. Up and out we go. A reasonable accent of fifty or so meters leading to the bosom of a great lid and of course a happy Rob and Luke smiling away. Rob and JOhn pass us and head out the other way, compleing not only the first ever through trip but also the first ever exchange!

Congratulations to Luke and Rhianna! Introducing us to the newest addition to Team Awesome Waverly Cafferty.

-Dylan Kocher


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