Report by Jules Barrett
Divers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Jim Lister (TSG & EPC).

Support: Martyn Grayson (TSG), Jenny Rushbrook (TSG), Clive Westlake (TSG & EPC).

An evening trip to have a look at the dry passage on the other side of downstream Sump 3 whilst MG, JR and CW went for a look around Ben's Dig. Visibility on the way into Sumps 1 and 2 was poor. The downstream exit from Sump 3 was restricted but passable without digging. After a bit of time admiring the impressive rift between Sumps 3 and 4 JPL then passed Sump 4 whilst JB waited at the iron ladders. The return trip was uneventful but murky!


Jim Lister preparing to dive to P8's Sump 1.

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