Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC) and Chris Schofield (EPC)

Stayed at Stainforth Youth Hostel the previous night (which is very nice by the way, has a brilliant drying room) and since neither of us had been in Gaping Gill before decided to put that rather serious omission right. Parked in Clapham and walked up to the cave entrance in trainers (it's a long way in wellies). Trusty Warmbacs in full effect in case we were mistaken for Yorkshiremen. Once over the twin stiles spent a bit of time poking around in the bottom of a dig in the first shakehole before finding the actual Bar Pot entrance. In we went. Note to self - don't throw your tackle bag down the entrance next time because it almost disappeared down the first pitch. The first pitch is tight at the top but not desperate and once down a few metres opens out nicely down to the floor. Spiralled down from here towards the top of the second pitch. A bit of shall we say 'eccentric' rigging here led to the pitch-head proper. There's a mixture of P-bolts, Spits and Rawl bolts everywhere but found a nice hang off the two P-bolts on the RHS looking down the pitch. Past a rebelay and down to the bottom. Brilliant pitch this. Totally dry and a really nice place to be.

A friend had told me that route finding isn't a problem and so it proved to be. The climb down to SE Pot was uneventful and we motored on down through Pool Chamber (you can easily identify Pool Chamber cos it's where the water goes over your wellies) and follow the draught into the Main Chamber of Gaping Gill. Incredible place - every caver should visit at some stage and Bar Pot is a really nice simple route in.

The journey out was uneventful except for a mild battle with the 'eccentric rigging' at the top of the second pitch. The top of the first pitch just needed a bit of thinking about but was fine.

Compared to the Tatham Wife trip the previous day this was physically much easier and substantially more impressive underground scenery. A nice, dry, half day trip.

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