Report by Pete Pollard
Cavers: Pete Pollard (EPC), Nige Strong (EPC), Jase Rider (EPC), Dave Gledhill, Bill (RRCPC)

Me and Nige got a lift with Jase and we met up with Dave Gledhill at Inglesport. Over breakfast we had a quick chat with Bill who went through details of the trip. We entered Ireby Fell via a relatively new route called Bubbles, the reason for the name is interesting and very funny. Our aim for the day was to pass the sump at the end of Duke Street . When we arrived we found that ‘The Dingles’ had been hard at work building a large dam and installing a system of pipes and a brilliantly simple but effective pump. They had already been pumping for quite some time when we arrived and we got stuck in to give them a rest. There were about 13 of us all together and a great team effort paid off in getting the sump low enough to then pass a pipe to the far side and siphon off the dammed up water. The Eldon crew were amongst the first 10 ‘dry’ cavers ever to enter this new passage and we felt very privileged to have been given this opportunity. We were fairly restricted for time but did have chance to have a good mooch round the cave. Back at the Wheatsheaf we met up with some of the party we had entered with and had a bit of a chin wag. I know we all enjoyed it and would like to say a big thank you to Bill, Dave, The Dingles and all the others involved in making a thoroughly great days caving.










1. The team in Ireby Fell.

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