Report by Jon Pemberton

Cavers: Jon Pemberton, Sam 'Dervish' Pemberton, Pippa Furlong, James 'Rodders' Wood .

A quick afternoon trip before the TSG party was on the cards, Bottom P8 and check out Ben’s dig sounded a good plan. A bit short on rope we had to improvise. 18m on the first pitch fine, 9m on the second pitch a bit shady (figure of eight backed up with a sling). Bottomed the cave as far as possible without diving in no time t’all.

What we really came for, a gander up Ben’s dig. The climb in t’owd mans rift kitted with some coated old rope. The dig contains loads of massive kibbles worn through on the bottom, you can imagine the amount of work that was done. The passage continues gradually sloping upwards until you enter a large chamber. Straight on continues followed by an iron ladder with walking passage at the top. This passage eventually ends at a hand line climb to the top of a large pot about 1.5m in diameter and about 4m depth silted at the bottom. Back at the large chamber a hand line hand over hand climb leads to a constriction and continues but was not entered.

To the right of this up a mud slope a hands and knees passage leads to a climb through a calcite floor to a chamber with stacked sandbags. At the top the going back on yourself the passage continues until another climb to another chamber with a sleeper jammed across at about 8ft high. A climb up to the sleeper gains access to a hand line climb up to another crawl where a choke has been dug through into yet another chamber containing loads of flowstone and a few long stal. Climbing up flow stone leads to s small aven on your right and a crawl over rocks on the left leads to a squeeze to a further choke heading right which I didn’t enter due to the rest of the party being slack and not climbing up the chamber with the sleeper, So quickly headed out to party at the TSG.

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