Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Ann Soulsby (TSG)

Derbyshire was awash with the Peak Cavern Entrance flooded and all of the active swallet caves giving it both barrels. We arrived at the TSG in the morning and since I'd not done the South Gully route in Eldon Hole before we thought that we'd have an afternoon in there. We changed at the TSG hut and drove to the parking for Eldon Hole. On the way we met a group in wetsuits on their way to P8 which would have been particularly wet today. We walked up to Eldon Hole in light rain and rigged the first Y-hang. A rebelay just over the edge and deviation leads to another couple of single-bolt rebelays and then a deviation on the opposite wall leads to the bottom. At the bottom we didn't go through to the main chamber but came back up the ropes and Ann de-rigged.

An excellent SRT route down Eldon Hole!

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