Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Dan Hibberts (EPC), Col Walsh (Masson Caving Group)

After substantial alterations were made to the top of the 12m rift climb beyond the Bag o' Worms on the previous trip the intention of this trip was to go in and stabilise it all. More scaff, planks, clips and other equipment was carried in and ferried carefully up the 12m climb and into the chamber at the top. Whilst Dan and Col made a start on installing some scaffolding in the top of the rift I went to fetch equipment from the end of the cave. Good progress was made with the scaffolding and eventually a sound frame was built to support the two side walls and roof above the exit from the climb. Whilst this part of Hungerhill still needs to be treated with care the situation at the top of the 12m rift climb is undoubtedly better than before.

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