Report by Jules Barrett
Cavers: Jules Barrett (EPC), Richard Tooley (TSG), Ann Soulsby (TSG)

Titan was still rigged from the previous day and needed de-rigging so Richard and I thought we'd go from the Peak Cavern Entrance through to Titan. Neither of us had done this trip before so were both really looking forward to it. The weather was definitely marginal with an already high stream swelled with overnight rain. We thought that we would be able to get through but any more water would make life difficult. Meanwhile Ann fancied a walk up to Titan and an abseil down to the Event Horizon. Richard and I set off into Peak and before long were making our way along The Trenches and Colostomy Crawl. Eventually went down the ladders into the Speedwell Streamway and upstream past Block Hall to the bottom of the Bung. Standing looking at it from the bottom we weren't sure whether we were going to be able to get up but had a go and arrived at the top after a good drenching. Made our way up to the bottom of Leviathan and then into Stemple Highway and the Far Sump Extension. Eventually arrived at the bottom of Titan. Richard went up the ropes first and I followed de-rigging the lower part and sorting the rope ready for the big haul to the top of the pitch. Eventually got all the rope to the top and arrived at the bottom of the entrance shaft to find the Titan diggers hard at work. They kindly gave us a lift out on the winch with the bags and we made our way down Cave Dale to the TSG hut.

Would definitely recommend the through trip and it's best done this way in my opinion. You see so much more of Titan prussiking up compared with abseiling down!

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