Rob Eavis, Luke Cafferty and myself headed for a surveying trip down Giants, with a plan to survey from the Eating House to the East Canal. It was already a cold evening with some snow in the air so kitting up was very motivational. Discussing clubs and subs we turned attention to Luke who looked like he was preparing himself for an epic with his wetsuit/furry suit combo! It made me think twice so I lobbed on another thermal top making the total two just in case he knew something I didn't - which turned out he did.

Rob calibrated the disto in the passage before Base Camp Chamber while I went ahead and rigged Garlands. Fairly straight forward to our starting point with a tad sweaty Luke, we were given jobs; Rob checked data, I shot lasers and Luke marked with a pot of nail polish - Team Awesome was born!

It wasn't until we bottomed Geology Pot where we started to really notice the cold. by the time we reached Far Curtain we were jumping about and cursing the cold! once through the duck we made speedy progress down the cascades and to the East Canal where releived our surveying trip terminated for today.

I was glad to get back to the car and more so the pub.


Turns out there was a small survey glitch so Far Curtain to the East Canal needs re-surveying which shouldn't take long. There are also lots and lots more surveying trips to be had in this system. Helpers apply within...

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