Team Awesome & Team Crumpet (Jeff & Dylan)

After socially distanced pre-beers in The Miners we headed over to Cussey armed with many bars of scaffolding thanks to Hal, the biggest being 3m which Rob deemed perfect for an idea which he had in his head regarding Nomenca Choke. We gently lowered each bar of scaffolding down the entrance pitch with a rope which we left in the car and once all below formed a chain to lower the bars down to the choke. The big boy (3m bar) was slightly too large to take up caving so Jeff armed with trusty scaff cutter removed approx. 10mm (right Luke?) and after some slight modification to the walls the bar was safely down the Nomenca Rift to it's final resting place in Hell (literally)...

Rob made a top job on wanging bits of scaff together to resemble something which looked moderately safe to be under. We removed some more rocks from the floor which started to become very voidy very rapidly and thus became more unstable very quickly. It was now Team Crumpets turn to take over and Jeff made a fantastic job wanging in a few more scaff bars and also pinned one to a possible solid wall.

Rob setting up the game (JRP)

Lukey Boy now took the sharp end whilst Rob sat and got cold but it wasn't long until the whole place became unstable to the point of no return. We left it here for tonight and vowed to return with some more Kerplunk straws.

Luke peering into the void (JRP)

Game on hold for now.

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