After last weeks discovery of Nomenca rift we had a plan of attack, but first a quick trip to the pub for proper pre beers and it was very much enjoyed. After a quick change we headed over to cussey pot armed with some scaff bars and big ideas of breaking through.


Rob jumped straight into fixing up some scaffolding to give us the impression that it was safe, as long as you don't touch too much it is safe. I was up next, I quickly got to work capping some of the bigger rocks and lifting them up to Jon to move them back, unfortunately he's more interested in taking photos now so kind of left it to me to lift them out and make sure they didn't fall back in on my head.

With most of the bigger boulders removed I could hear some rocks falling a bit of distance below me, very promising! Jon and I talked through a bit of plan of the best rocks to remove. I set off drilling a big one in the floor and as I was getting ready to hit the caps I felt a tap at my hip turned to look and saw a big fuck off rock had moved and was on a path to slide down right on me. Now I'm usually quite calm but I'll admit this scared the shit out of me I basically threw the tools at Jon and jumped out much to the amusement of my friends. We decided to send the only member with more children than me down to have a look. Rob jumped in and had a quick look and we came up with a plan for next week, chuck in much more scaff!! 

Scared Luke

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