Cue Black Sabbath...

Team Awesome armed with a Hal.

After a quick pre-beer at our favourite local we headed over to Cussey and hastily got kitted up. Not much to take tonight just a bag full of scaff clips which Rob wouldn't let us chuck down the shaft.

Luke and I dropped down to the choke and started to remove some rocks from the floor. Some rocks which we'd previously thought were massive turned out to be mediocre and we managed to remove them by hand but it didn't give us much hope for what we'd been standing on all last trip. Rob and Hal cut a made to measure bar up below the entrance which once down Rob clipped into place and started to stack rocks from the floor behind it eliminating the need to pass back. After a final cap of a too large boulder in the floor we now had a human size hole to the void below, cue Black Sabbath...

Rob asked for the ladder which meant business. We bolted just above the void as close to the wall as possible to cause less disruption to the hanging death. Rob started to descend and it wasn't until he was neck deep that he started shouting back up, "NO, NO, NO!" turns out he didn't remove all the loose stuff. Once corrected he jumped from the bottom of the ladder, found safety in solidness and shouted back up that he was alright. He was now in a fairly solid rift which pinched up behind him, clean washed and looking exactly like the rift down in Cherticle Aven in Doom. In front of him and where the ladder hung down was a mass boulder ruckle with some rather large bonnet sized boulders all seemed to be held up by a key stone the size of a shoe box. Rob really didn't like it down in the void but was keen to dig down with a strong draught coming from the rift and floor. 

After making a quick video of the neckiness he returned through the hole and after a quick look of how we are to progress we started to ascend to daylight. 

Lots of scaff and capping in store ahead, watch this space.


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