Bagshawe Cavern

The Eldon always have a number of active digs undergo in Bagshawe.

One that is currently receiving quite a lot of attention is the "Dead Ahead Dig" in the Full Moon Series.

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Left hand passage dig .

Bog , Dave Cowley May 2017

After yet another setback at Dead Ahead, with water filling the dig face , we welcomed an excuse to check out a new lead.

During a previous tourist trip I noticed a silt bank just before the sump in left hand passage .

It is very similar to the Paternity dig, with a potential tube coming in at a bend in the passage near a sump.

The first trip hit a solid wall at the back, at roof level, but Dave stuck a crowbar through the silt on the right hand side, just as the pub alarm went off.

On our return this week ,we have lowered the dig face again ,and I have have high hopes of a passage beyond ,although it's size is very restricted at the moment .

A large amount of water comes in ,on the beds in the roof at this point, which keeps the sump filled up . No doubt if it goes we will probably hit mine at some point . The Bowling Green car park would be better so fingers crossed.


Tuesdays 24/01/17 07/02/17 14/03/17

Bog, Dave

I am pleased to report there will be no more messing around with pumps, pipes, jubilee clips, fittings etc. An impressively efficient siphon is now up and running and drains the pool/duck (we inadvertently created by digging) in around 10-15 mins with minimal faff.

Now the sideshow of pumping is no more, good progress is finally being made at the sharp end with encouraging signs that are keeping enthusiasm high.


Dead Ahead ,Bagshawe cavern

This year is definitely breakthrough year , after all we need something to brag about at the 60th . After a long unplanned break since July last year , we hope to get some regular sessions in .With  6 months of no caving the trip in was effortless ,without so much as a drop of sweat.

The dig was dry which was a bonus , but it soon became obvious that the heavily calcited boulders blocking the way on will need to be broken up . A job for next week .The view over the top is encouraging and the roof has plenty of features in it suggesting that we are heading in the right direction .

With hammers ,drills and batteries needed for next weeks session the trip in will be a joy (can't wait).


Dave Cowley , Bog 

It has only taken about six years , but we finally set up a syphon to drain the passage at the start of the dig .

We should now be able to dig all year round with the minimum amount of faff.

Next week should see some real progress , and my first view of the air gap was very encouraging .

We will need to turn slightly left into the middle of the passage , but there is a definate way on now .

Dave C . Bog



Tuesday 03/05/2016 Jon P and Dave

Horror filled my head as I arrived in the car park to the sight of Jon in shorts performing a series of stretches, luckily he had been for a run and wasn't preparing for some epic journey into the cavern.

We got to the dig (at a steady pace), pumped out the water, which was the same level as last week, and both took a shift at the end. Some progress was made, back next week.

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