Me n Simon had a good evening.

The water was quite deep in the dig, and we spent prob about 45 mins before we got it to drain. This finally worked by water flowing down one hole at foot of the climb, and bubbles coming up out of another in the small cross rift on the right! Felt a bit like those old condensed milk cans with two holes in the top. All the water in the dig flowed back to this hole and seemed to head back under the slope, making me think that we might not be best digging straight ahead but instead pushing on down. We also moved the pipe so it drained into the pool beyond the spoil heap. This gave around 10 minutes of no water at all heading into the dig, before it started to flow back along the rift and into the dig.

Once water was sorted we dug the floor out to try to improve the drainage, and it’s easy digging so far. Three people would be much quicker. The rift below is getting even thinner, but I think where the rift comes in from the right might be big enough to continue on down….?

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