A pretty chilly trip with Simon and Dave. Trying for ages with the monster bar to get the water to disappear wasn’t working. It was ~2ft deep and nicely unpleasant. I then figures it was “only” that deep because it must have been overflowing somewhere. So a quick dabble with the bar horizontally back under the pile (heading away from the pitch) instantly dropped the water. On with digging!

What’s hard to be sure of is whether that’s the way on, or that simply it leads to open spaces between rocks that hasn’t yet been silted up by our activities. The water dropping away certainly sounds good. What is easy to see is that the rift there is getting narrow, so to progress on down it’ll probably only be possible to follow the widest bit. This is currently blocked with a big rock that’ll probably need capping.

At the end of the trip the blue water pipe was pushed far down into the draining hole so hopefully it shouldn’t block up with silt before the next trip…..


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