With Lukey-boy out of action it was up to Team B-some to take in the slack and drag scaffolding down in to the depths of Intake Dale Mine to start a new project which had been found when Intake was re-explored a couple of years back by the Eldon. It got the name Black Jack Choke from Luke's choice of Vape for the evening being Black Jack flavoured which was worth its weight in Galena testing for draughts in the choke.

We had a usual pre-beer in the layby and hastily kitted up for the walk down to the mine. Jeff was feeling a bit woozy after just giving blood so was taking the trip steady. Rob and Dave were carrying the majority of the gear required leaving me the awkward bit of scaffolding with only one clip.

Intake Dale Mine (IDM) although very short takes a while to descend and ascend due to it being split into two pitches with lots of hanging death all around. Once the majority of the group were stationed just above the small climber which leads down to Brexit Rift and the big natural Black Jack Choke can be found by traversing at roof level over the hole down to the climber and thrutching into a small constriction which leads to a fairly pleasant natural chamber some 3x3 metres. The camber has a small back filled bedding on the left with the boulder choke being straight on. Although the draught in the choke was not present this evening we made a decision to make progress to the right had side of the choke where Rob had remembered the draught to get sucked in to and also a some sections which are calcified. A little poke followed by the placing of a couple pieces of scaff pinned to the "alright but not Bomber" walls.

Jeff in the passage approaching the choke

At this point we were already biting into pub time so Jeff and I started out whilst Rob and Dave removed a few more boulders. All safe on surface we retreated to The Star for a guaranteed pint to discuss pressing issues such as nugget porn and pegging and left just before the dawn of a new day. A big thanks to Mark Noble for supplying us with Scaffolding, Cheers!

Rob admiring his pile of scaff in front of the Black Jack Choke
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