After meeting Rob at his gaf I made the journey over to Bradwell Moor with my newly aqquired 100m rope. I had offered to descend early to re-rig the first proper pitch and traverse to allow us useable rope deeper in the mine. I descended at 6.15pm and quietly pottered on with my job, it wasn't until I started to re-rig the traverse when Luke appeared which helped a lot. Rob eventually joined us by the time Luke and I were rigging the pitch beyond - Team Awesome back in business!!

We proceeded on to where we left off last week, our freshly bolted yet to be descended pitch. Rob descended first filming it all on his GoPro whilst Luke and I watched from above. The 13m pitch dropped into a mined out chamber with its floor entirely made up from Miner's dead's and past collapses. At the far end a 6m stacked wall rose up from the floor to a possible continuation above but not looking promising. I descended next followed by Luke whose light shone behind the wall making it appear rather thin. The penny dropped and rather than take the high road literally (bolt traverse the top of the chamber, which also looked to be another way on) we lined up and each pitched the heaviest rock we could throw, aiming for the weakest looking point in order to bring down the wall. After striking out we gave up and took The High Road with only our ego's in a state of collapse! One by one we ascended the rope back to the take off point from where the traverse would start.


Rob bolting across The High Road

Rob made a start bolting across the roof of the chamber (The High Road) gaining access to an alcove in the right wall with a slightly better stance/bolt to the one he had at the previous bolt which had led to some severe cramping. I'll not go into this too much but on his retreat to the pitch head he had to be rescued after somehow ending up in a position where his footloop was just above head height!? - Ask him about it...

Luke had already departed ways at this point and dropped the small climber at the start of The Chamber of Secrets, this descended approx. 8m to a very dubious looking roofed chamber with collapses at both ends but appears to go deeper. We all took note of how the wall below The Tool Room was beginning to collapse after recent use. We exited at 9:45pm with bags of time and what a surprise to be greeted by a fairly decent turnout from the club  - for a change.

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