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On Saturday 10th May 2014, it will be 50 years since members of the Eldon Pothole club climbed out of the Main Chamber in Eldon Hole and discovered Millers Chamber. 

To mark the event, the Eldon will be rigging the all the routes on the main shaft and having a good old furtle about. 

Please come along and help make the day a special event. 

(some of us will then spend the afternoon at Bagshawe making preparations for the new shed)

After a spell of heavy rain over recent days, the dig was somewhat inaccessible this evening giving a nice opportunity for us to grab some photos of the upper series in flood...

Bagshawe Upper Series in flood. Photo: Dave Cowley

The Dungeon. Photo: Dave Cowley

Just got permission to put a digger on the possible shaft top, which could be the old climbing way into the Doom extensions, could be a long job but who knows.

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