Tuesday 30th July (JRP, LC)

Luke and I made what we thought was a start on the Anniversary Hall survey. It was Luke's first time up to Moss Chamber so after a brief pause we headed along to Anniversary Hall. The place was very wet indeed. Luke went up the rope whilst I hid down below in the alcove, It wasn't long before he'd switched over and deemed it too wet to survey before buggering off and leaving me all alone shouting if it's safe to come out yet? We decided to survey below the choke all the way back to Moss chamber, we were both shivering our knackers off by the end of it (hence the slight error). During our trip lots of taps had suddenly been switched on which caused only slight concern as Rob had said Peak never floods in summer. The river at the entrance was now a brown torrent and turns out the show cave was closed the next day. Just a heads up that Peak can flood during the Summer...

Thursday 8th August (JRP, LC)

After ruining my ankle the previous day we had a rather old man's day out to check out The Ramp just before Ink Sump as a potential future project. It didn't take long for us to cross it off our list as it would be a spectacular undertaking! - Not for us. Slow stumble back out for me.

Thursday 15th August (JRP, RE)

Ankle now much better, Rob and I made haste progressing in reaching Anniversary Hall. Robe went up through the choke first and within seconds knocked two huge TV size boulders back down in to the choke exclaiming, "SHIT! we're gonna have to dig you out!" Hmmm... You're the one stuck on the wrong side of the choke Rob.... Once said boulders were removed, Rob shot up the rope first whilst I waited back in my safe alcove. We could actually hear each other this time as the rain had pretty much stopped. Rob made the shot down and I followed him up the rope. A spectacular 30m pitch leads away from the looseness feel of Anni Hall and calcites up rather nicely. From the top of the pitch a dodgy pendulum across leads to a passage cum bedding plane which was not entered. We continued past a few re-belays to a final loose voidy choke which Rob inspected but would need some serious persuasion to pass.

We headed back to the pendulum and as it was getting on and hopes of making the pub were looming we called it a day after spotting a further rope heading up another aven. We talked sense as the place required at least a couple more hours investigating.

26th August (JRP, LC & Jimmy Hayland)

Back again but mainly to retrieve SRT kits ready for Albania. Jimmy in tow who we'd not caved with since Black Folly (2015). It was nice to catch up and Luke agreed that the top choke in Anniversary Hall warranted a look at! Jimmy brought Pork Pies in which were a right treat after all the arse clenching. Jimmy you're welcome again!

Jimmy on the approach to Moss Chamber
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