4 weeks ago Mark Noble sent our group chat a video of the shake hole we are now digging in an absolute raging torrent of water. The water was pouring down both our digs at a serious rate of knots. To say we we're excited to get back after the water had calmed down was an understatement. 

An expedition to Matienzo and a few other things holted any trips to Project V but now we're all back and ready to see what the water had done. 4 of us arrived at the normal meeting place. Mark Noble, Rob Eavis, Chris Hibberts and myself. After a pre beer we kitted up to the sound of a huge amount of water flowing over a nearby shake hole, would ours be just as wet? 

Down in the shake hole we were met with an impressive waterfall and a flowing river, luckily we had diverted the water away from our promising 2nd dig down towards the first dig we started here. Rob went down first to inspect the progress. Unfortunately the water hadn't really done much apart from make it a loppy mess at the bottom. Oh well on with digging down. 

I had a quick look down our original dig, normally a dry crawl to the end Chamber, now crawling in a river to a sumped chamber. We're now thinking that this will back up until it reaches the bedding plane and flow away down this. However there's evidence of it completely backing up. Lots of debris wedged in the roof.

Back in our now main dig we made excellent progress, pulling kibble after kibble out. The plan is to head straight down so it's easy digging, just a bit messy! Before we left we rediverted the water back down the hole we are digging to see if the water will wash away some of the mud. Back next week to see!

Muddy kit packed away and to the Mechanic's to discuss future plans.

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