Jeff, Luke, Rob

Work was manic for me so the lads got started without me holding them back. By the time I’d legged it across the hill French Jeff was already abb’in down the deep shaft, admiring the unusually good state of the ginging, whilst Luke was standing miserably in the rain having forgotten his oversuit. 


Meanwhile I got a message from Moose to give a nearby farmer a call as they’d lost a calf down an unknown shaft. Turns out to be a hole only 2 mins walk from where we’d parked, so I left French and Luke to it whilst I ran back to the car and go searching for the animal. Mum cow made it easy to find and whilst only a small hole for sure it was going to be hard to lift it out by hand!

Fortunately DCRO had already got a call from the farmer and were on their way. With plenty of impressively clean kit and well verse techniques they extracted the animal easily, whilst me n the lads (who had returned quickly after running out of rope) judged their slick methods, took photos and discussed the return trip what the major find Jeff reported…


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