Back in mid Feb we dropped a shaft (which may well be called Wham Engine shaft) which had a good draught out in cold weather. The three of us returned fully equipped, including Jeff’s weird oversocks.

Rather than deal with the horrific entrance section we smashed straight to the traverse and I rigged a rope across. Luke came across whilst Jeff stayed the other side in case something really bad happened. Me n Luke dug out the floor where the small hole was to reveal a relatively neatly ginged shaft heading down between the railway lines. Luke’s an idiot so he went down for a look. 6m down a load of big rocks blocked the way, the draught presumably sneaking up through them from caverns below. At that point rocks started spitting down on Luke so he made a frantic rush to the top before it all collapsed in on him whilst I offered moral support from the top.

We then went for a look at the end of the Gate, which I remembered being horrific when there previously on my own. Again Luke’s idiocrasy came in useful as he simply dug his way up the rubble slope of death to gain access to an open room. There was unfortunately no way on, although there was a strange tube in the ginging of the far wall which has us perplexed for now.

Luke carefully made his way back down the slope and we derigged back to Jeff and out. On the way we passed an old cart which looked remarkably like one I saw in Hazard Mine back in 2007, which is only 190m away along the same vein.


Cart in Wham (above) vs the cart in Hazard (below)

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