So, fired up after the Bradwell Catchment Symposium about the potential hydrological connection between the back end of the Castleton catchment, Eldon Hill Dolines etc and Bradwell Dale (along the line of Hartledale)

I spoke to Tpot at the meeting about Intake Dale mine, and asked him to show me exactly where it is on a map.  Always seemed to me to be right in the middle of a vast area which must take some sort of catchment, yet with no known cave.

I'd heard about Intake Dale from several folks, JT, Tpot, etc.  

"You been down that mine in Intake Dale"


"Ben/Tony/Tpot went down it, draughting like mad, but really loose, quite a bit of natural down there apparently".

Well it was always enough to put me off... the fact that Tpot/Ben/Tony thought it was loose and hadn't really pushed in there meant it really must have been very very loose!. 

It took an email from Adam Russell, to act as the catalyst to launch me back into action.

Adam said he'd walked along Shuttle Rake and found what looked to be an open mine entrance...

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