TAP & Sam this evening.

Finished off the job this evening, completing HDBM. Met early and after a quick pre-beer headed off underground. The floor to the natural level (-38m) was collapsing under our weight this evening, glad we didn't have ropes below. Rob started the survey whilst we headed up towards the Natural cavern, Sam redeeming himself by finding the long lost spit from T-Pot's escapade (perhaps?) Rob headed up above the natural surveying efficiently by himself Whilst we took photos around the natural cross rift. We met again to get a photo of the picked out section. Sam and I started the return journey whilst Rob managed to free-climb into the question mark level which was above us last week but to no avail.

Sam in the natural (JonP)
Sam tackling the climb (JonP)

A final few snaps before a lovely swing out after the de-rig. Back to surface in daylight for a change! Ropes pulled out and sleeper put back in place. Debrief in the Anchor.   

Sam losing the will to live (JonP)
Survey here:
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