Just Luke and I this evening and with the howling gale up top we were underground as quickly as possible armed with bolting and surveying gear. The draught tonight was the most powerful I had felt/heard it during our exploratory trips. We soon reached the stemple ladder (3rd pitch) where our effort would begin. Geared up I tied in to the Y-hang and bridged up to the top of the rift and placed a bolt for protection, a couple more bolts saw me safely across the traverse and into the continuation which didn’t look promising.


Luke way up in the roof

The level met a solid wall after a few metres but a hole mid-way along dropped a couple of metres to a steep slope under hanging death and an awkward traverse between rotting stemples and loose debris. I bolted across to meet a solid vertical wall then abseiled to a platform where I could see the route down blocked with boulders. Luke surveyed tonight’s effort which turns out to be a void just metres above the first proper traverse – Ho Hum!


Don't look up

With nothing of significance we de-rigged and headed out.

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