Just a quick evening trip planned, although it turned out to be a bit longer, missing the pub by 4 and a half hours!

Took more scaffold in to the dig and shored up the lefthand wall. Then the three of us set to digging straight ahead, hauling all the way back to the stream. Made good progress, about 1.5m, mostly through sand and hard clay with very few boulders.

Before leaving we dug a hole in the floor about 1m deep to see if we could get water to drain away, but we didn't get out of the sand so no good. This was suprising so it is now a litte unclear which way to head...

Left the dig at about 10:20pm to find the cave entrance sumped. We were eventually dived out to make the surface at ~03:30am. Turns out it had rained 12mm whilst we had been underground.

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