Dan, Tim and Rob went on a morning trip for a change, due to the holidays.

With Tim hauling like a machine, the team managed to shift +50 buckets worth of mud and rocks from the end in less than 2 hours. Half of this was removing what Rob and Simon had dug last week, and then progress was made mostly downwards. This was in an attempt to make a drain hole which would allow for the water to be piped to the end again.

This plan was very successful, with now a space big enough to stand up in above a clean washed hole heading down into boulders. The stream can be heard clearly in the hole and the air is very fresh.

We then spent a while shoring up the back wall with boards and scaffold, a job which will need completing before too much more digging is done. One shored up properly we should be able to leave the water pipe running all the time, which should hopefully speed up progress.

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