Evening trip with SimonG and TimW (SUSS).

First went for a checkup of the rest of the cave, all the way to Poundland. Everything very dry. Plug Sump was open with very limited clearing. The next Sump was dried up to the lowest level I've ever seen, exposing the easterly tube that connects through into the further sump window. However it is still full of silt so no hope for divers yet.

Quite a lot of further moving of sediment and rocks just downstream of Pool Chamber, this cave is changing so quickly at the moment! Still blocked upstream in Pool Chamber Sump, will need concerted trenching work to drop that water level.

After the jaunt we headed to the dig to find the water hose had eroded around part of the right hand wall which was now sitting in the middle of the dig. 10 minutes of hammering and it was removed. Then two other large bits of wall and roof were dropped, but we could only break one of these by hand, the other will need more persuading...

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