Wednesday 17th June - Rob Eavis

Whilst ascending the North Route after the survey trip I noticed an alcove in the western wall roughly 20m down from the surface. It was impossible to see right to the back wall and was of a good size. The subsequent 3D data suggested that this could be on a predominant bedding plan, the same as Convenience and Sidetrack, so my interest increased. A quick ask around found no report of it being entered recently, so I took it upon myself to inspect more closely. 

A solo trip allowed me plenty of faff time, and after quite a bit of swinging about and rigging a few different ropes, I managed to get onto the entrance ledge without requiring any bolt placements. I quickly put one in for safety (and for the return) and had a look around. Unfortunately it didn’t take long, with only a short ramp up leading to a 1m drop to a muddy pocket. It looks like it is probably mainly just a solutional pocket, which has been formed on a tiny phreatic feeder prior to Eldon Hole being formed. However it’s not entirely clear as the roof wasn’t totally solid looking, with suggestions of boulders instead of solid rock, so I’m not sure. 

Either way, no good looking way on, and a pleasant evening had.

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