Team: Rob, Dave and Luke.

After a quick catch up and now suitably dressed for the long slog up the sough we headed up to cliff stille. After the 80m abseil we set off for a nice cold walk along the sough. Within no time we were climbing up the ladder to the best lead in Derbyshire. Rob hadn't shut up about how easy digging it was so Dave and I set about digging. Dave took the pointy end and I set about making the entrance crawl hands and knees size. This is where it all started going wrong.

Luke hauling unusually fast

The passage seems to have the most sticky mud ever! Dave was even struggling to pull the empty tub back to the dig face. It took two of us to pull the full tub back along the passage! After a few hours we had only moved 6 full tubs from the end and with the long trip back out in the forefront of our minds we decided it was time to leave. Quick stop to have a nice cold beverage before heading out. Talking on the way out we have decided that we need to dig from the entrance all the way to end. It's not going to be a quick breakthrough...

Enjoying ourselves before the cold wet slog out


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