Many parts of the cave are tight and loose and a return trip from Doom is a strenuous undertaking, especially with tackle bags. Rescue from anywhere beyond the entrance rift in either direction would prove difficult.

The entrance is located in a small tree-lined enclosure opposite the entrance to Eyam Hall car park on the opposite side of the New Close Road and to the west of Delph Close. The lid requires a large Derbyshire key (requires a 90 degree turn/marked on lid in marker pen) and must be closed when underground which can be done from inside. The entrance pitch is a 12m hading rift with scaffolding at the top.

Time Warp and Rocky Horror
Once on the floor east leads to a squeeze along the left wall at floor level into a small ante-chamber roofed by a large boulder. A hole in the corner leads to Nomenca Rift, a 6m down climb to a small chamber with stacked rocks from the dig. A 6m down climb through a scaffold boulder choke (Nomenca Choke) leads to a squeeze at floor level which quickly opens out to where you can regather yourself at the top of NCA Pitch. The pitch starts as a tight rift, a sideways thrutch on good ledges leads to a 5m down climb to a gulley which can be followed down to the pitch head. Here the shaft opens up and a 10m abseil leads to the start of Time Warp, a large rift passage 15m long which ends in a large chamber floored with boulders. Only one route down can be descended at present a tight rift (Tight’un) which ends too tight in shatter rock. Straight ahead in Time Warp a climb up and over the choke leads to Black Rift which is a choked, clean washed pothole. A roped traverse over the top leads to Walsernice which continues for a further 20m, all ways on are choked except for a rift in the floor at the entrance which can be descended for 8m until too tight. Time Warp Aven stretches up for 20m to a choke at the top.

The main route to Rocky Horror is via a short down climb between boulders next to Black Rift. This leads to the Movie Room, a small chamber between boulders. Various routes head off but all are choked except for one in the far corner, a short climb up and down leads to a descending passage. At the far end a duck through boulders leads to the head of Rocky Horror Pitch (15m) through large boulders following a solid back wall. The pitch ends in a large chamber with evidence of T’owd Man. A squeeze down at the base of the pitch followed by a squeeze under a boulder leads to several unstable chambers/voids (The Gloom Room) which heads close to Diceman in Glebe. Back at the top of the Rocky Horror pitch, a squeeze between boulders (not obvious) leads down to a muddy chamber. Halfway down the climb a flat out crawl on the right leads to further chambers and rifts which also come close to Diceman in Glebe.

Shattered Dreams and Inglorious Bastards
Back at the base of the entrance pitch, west leads along a large rift choked with boulders at floor level. A traverse line takes the best route across on ledges and at the far end a tight rift aided with wooden stemples (Coconut Airways) drops for 4m to a further squeeze to a small chamber lined with boulders. A route up the boulders leads to a pretty chamber (Poetry Corner), which is a dead-end. The way on is down between boulders in the floor to a further squeeze which leads to a 3m down climb on flowstone to the top of Shattered Dreams Choke. A crawl can be followed to a too tight rift but following the choke down a further 4m (beware loose boulders) leads to the very tight Shattered Dreams Squeeze (aided with hand-line). Beyond the squeeze is a 4m climb down (careful of straws) which leads to the pitch proper (12m). At the base of the pitch a climb up and over boulders to the East leads to Pick Axe Rift, 8m deep and choked at the bottom. Heading west at the bottom of the pitch various holes head off but all are choked except for one at the far western end which is the start of Inglorious Bastards (careful of straws and loose boulders). The pitch (18m) starts as a funnel of boulders and mud which soon opens to the main shaft of impressive proportions. At the base of the pitch a bedding crawl (Black Draught) can be followed for 10m to a choke, whilst a rope up in the far corner leads up to T’owd Man workings and a further blind climbing shaft and internal shaft. At the eastern end of the chamber a crawl through mud leads to a squeeze down against a boulder which is Loperamide Lust. This can be followed as a crawl which is flat out in places for 20m to the Connection with Doom and the Wet West Caverns. This connection can become impassable in very wet weather.

Survey available here.

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