Dave B, Jon P, Rob E.

We needed an easy trip this week after the gone midnight trip last week plus Rob was feeling a little soft and I wasn't much better. Groggy was the appropriate word we came up with. Long on the mind had we wanted to take another look at Pick Axe Rift which lies just in Shattered Dreams (a 10min trip). After a quick pint at the Miners We headed over and slowly kitted up clearly unmotivated.

In the roof of Pick Axe Rift, by JonP


Once at Pick Axe Rob installed a ladder for the climb down and after a quick photo for prosperity Rob made the first valiant attempt at digging the mud in the bottom (which was super filth). From our memory this looked alright but tonight it shone differently. The dig looked crap and although there was a slight inwards draught indicating the continuation is probably not the mine below - we rapidly came to the conclusion that this dig wasn't for us! We all had a little poke then slowly made our way to the surface, Rob even skipped the post beer - which says a lot!

Another question mark ticked and sacked off for someone with keener eyes.

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