Team: Bog, Chris, Jim

For some time the Eldon have been tasked with holding the code for access to the two gates controlling access to the New Series and Snake’s Pyjamas gates inside Bagshawe, and for some time have felt that the relatively low number of requests were perhaps due to difficulty in understanding the process. Following consultation with the custodian, and recent loss of keys etc., access beyond the gates is now secured by the not-too-restrictive Derbyshire Key.

Chris had done a superb job of designing and fabricating some plate/chain arrangements and whilst the rest of TA were busy pushing in Projekt V

the three of us headed in to open the padlocks for the final time. Armed with a drill, impact driver, and big spanner - thankfully all carried by Bog and Chris as I was somewhat musculoskeletally challenged following one of those totally innocuous incidents involving an easy lift followed by searing pain in the lower lumbar region, the fit was straightforward, requiring 4 holes per gate and a bit of spannering.

We were out of the cave by 2000, and following an amusing time observing a Peak District sasquatch, headed to the Anchor for pints, a pile of snacks and an Eldon meet to discuss the forthcoming, new and improved, Derbyshire Explorers Forum, rising phoenix like from the ashes of a disappointing cancellation.

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