Left hand passage dig .

Bog , Dave Cowley May 2017

After yet another setback at Dead Ahead, with water filling the dig face , we welcomed an excuse to check out a new lead.

During a previous tourist trip I noticed a silt bank just before the sump in left hand passage .

It is very similar to the Paternity dig, with a potential tube coming in at a bend in the passage near a sump.

The first trip hit a solid wall at the back, at roof level, but Dave stuck a crowbar through the silt on the right hand side, just as the pub alarm went off.

On our return this week ,we have lowered the dig face again ,and I have have high hopes of a passage beyond ,although it's size is very restricted at the moment .

A large amount of water comes in ,on the beds in the roof at this point, which keeps the sump filled up . No doubt if it goes we will probably hit mine at some point . The Bowling Green car park would be better so fingers crossed.


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