Rob, Jon, Chris

After quite a long hiatus with the team distracted with some sport trips and urbexing, the three of us returned to V1 to try reignite the engines. Rough plan was to install some more scaffolding (cos the stuff chucked in last time was not doing very much) and then dig forwards around the side of the choke, roughly following a nice looking bedding plane.

With only three of us it was always going to be tricky moving spoil all the way out to the surface. Thankfully one of us (Chris) is a bit of an engineer and he quickly installed a scaffold tube railway to slide the buckets through the awkward crawl section, which worked brilliantly. I dug first, then Chris had a sesh whilst I warmed up on the surface. The dig face is really drippy so not massively pleasant. Chris managed pretty quickly to destroy the dig face, making rocks fall from everywhere and generally making the place weirdly bigger and smaller all at once. He then rapidly tried installing some scaf to no avail and we agreed let’s just pull some more rocks down and head to the pub. That we did, let’s see what awaits us next time!


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