The Team returned the next week, surveying as we went. Luke was on book for his first time, on essential pre-Mulu training. A 50m tape was used for the shaft, with measurements taken every 10m, plus wherever anything else goes off. 36.6m to the (surprisingly well placed) rebelay and a further 37m to the inlet passage. The shaft top is an excellent example of ginging to a depth of 25m! It must have been a very deep open rake at one point. A further 26.8m abseil to the shaft bottom makes it 100.4m in all.

Surveying SW first, it wasn’t long before Jon sneaked a bold route through the collapse into a continuation. Straight on led eventually to the anticipated next collapse, this time even too dodgy for Jon. He completed a committing climb up in the roof into a higher level, again with plenty of draughts off but nothing open, and so concluding the area. This parallel vein certainly has more secrets to deliver in the future.

We took a few legs along the cartgate then turned about just making the pub.

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