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Simon and Rob

At the end of last trip we pointed the hose at the bouldery clay wall, and on returning yesterday the partially submerged boulders were now clearly sticking out and the whole area washed clean. A good method of progressing whilst away.

One person dug the three big boulders out further, whilst the other jumped up and down on the spoil in the "washing pool" for the water to take it away, which seemed to work very well. We then capped the rocks very successfully, put a futher pinned scaffold pole in place, Simon carried out two tubs full of rock, and we called it a day.

Good amount of progress for a short evening trip, and hopefully the water will do lots more before the next trip. Not currently sure what the roof is doing, but it seems like we're in quite a big bit of passage (for Gautries) so the prospects are good...